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Value Added Tax (VAT) opens the door to varied opportunities yet brings challenges to an organization. Considering the complexity, VAT is one arduous tax system for companies to handle. Also known as Good and Services Tax (GST), VAT is a form of an indirect tax applied for goods or services consumption.

In every stage of the supply chain, VAT is levied and collected on behalf of the government. Generally, a company may find it hard to cope with this VAT tax and that’s where Standard Auditing can turn all the procedures legal and manage records to prepare VAT return filing. Our tax experts who are professionally experienced can guide you from time to time.

Application of VAT

  • When annual turnover exceeds the fixed threshold limit of AED 375,000, then it indicates that you need to pay this tax.
  • To continue with the normal compliance process, business people can do Voluntary registration of VAT for the threshold limit of AED 187,500/- per year.
  • Three types of rates are applicable – Standard rate (5% VAT), Zero rates, and Exempted.
  • Some of the areas that are exempted from VAT are residential properties, local transport passengers, bare land, and the supply of particular financial services.


Standard Auditing will act as a guide to your Accounts department and update them with up-to-date VAT progress. As per VAT requirements, our VAT consultants will give a hand to your team in structuring internal VAT operations effectively.

Standard Auditing covers all the aspects of VAT like:

  1. VAT registration
  2. VAT accounting
  3. VAT return filing
  4. VAT training
  5. VAT voluntary disclosure
  6. VAT consultancy
  7. VAT audit
  8. VAT Deregistration


Our professional tax agents who are certified by the Federal Tax Authority will make sure of the tax compliance system and help you avoid fines & penalties. Having been aware of all the rules and regulations of the tax system, Standard Auditing carefully assists businesses for hassle-free implementation of VAT in the UAE.

VAT Registration

VAT (Value Added Tax) Registration is necessary for both the firms and individual business owners in the UAE. Value Added Tax has been put into practice from 1st January 2018.

VAT Accounting

Every business needs to know about the VAT Accounting/Bookkeeping process and the elements associated with it. So, implementing the processes means that they should be…

VAT Return Filing

VAT Return Filing is compulsory for all the businesses in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. As a supportive auditing firm, Standard Auditing is providing VAT return filing services to…

VAT Training

During the VAT Training in Dubai, we make sure every procedure is adhering to the standards of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Our VAT training portrays important contents…

VAT Voluntary Disclosure

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) gives a VAT Voluntary Disclosure form for businesses to inform the FTA about the changes or errors in the VAT Returns or Refund. The VAT Form 211…

VAT Consultancy

As Value Added Tax (VAT) has come to practice in the UAE on the 01st of January, 2018, VAT is essential for every business. We help you plan ahead from our VAT Consultancy program. It is vital to get prepared…

VAT Audit

Tax audits in the UAE will be usually conducted by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) Representatives. Not all the businesses registered under VAT will be audited. FTA will pick random companies for VAT audit

VAT Deregistration

VAT Deregistration in the UAE is nothing but an online process. In general, businesses and individuals registered under Federal Tax Authority (FTA) can deregister from VAT given under the following…

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