VAT Return Filing

VAT return filing is compulsory for all the businesses in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. As a supportive auditing firm, Standard Auditing is providing VAT return filing services to companies functioning in Dubai as per the dates on the company’s VAT certificate. No business can escape from filing VAT returns with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Before filing the VAT return, these are the steps to be kept in mind

  1. Amounts must be in AED Currency
  2. A rounded off to the nearest figure must be taken into account
  3. Every mandatory field needs to be filled

How to file the VAT return?

 For any business, it is essential to maintain business transaction records such as

  • Tax Invoices
  • Import or Export
  • VAT Exempted or zero-rated supplies and goods purchase
  • Credit or Debit notes
  • Records of both personal & free goods and service

After ensuring that you have met all the requirements of tax returns, Every Taxpayer may file their VAT returns using the online service portal on the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) official website – VAT Returns must be filed within 28 days from tax period completion according to dates and duration stated on the VAT Certificate.

We make VAT return filing easy for you!

At Standard Auditing, we have the most talented experts who can efficiently assist you by putting forward VAT return filing:

  • On a monthly or quarterly basis, our staff will visit your firm to accumulate the financial data for the VAT Return filing.
  • We will keep a note and at the end of each VAT return period, Standard Auditing will file VAT returns according to the norms of the FTA.
  • We make sure the operations comply with VAT Laws
  • We will review and verify the VAT related transactions to ensure the right amount is charged.
  • Our VAT experts provide constructive opinions in line with the latest VAT updates to make certain of compliance and stay away from any VAT fines from FTA.
  • If in case of a VAT audit from the Federal Tax Authority representatives takes place, Our VAT experts will be available to represent your organization.


VAT Return filing? Leave it to us and get reassured!

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