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Concerning the VAT implementation and VAT law in the parts of UAE, Standard Auditing is providing the best VAT consultancy services.VAT consultancy is intended to put businesses in line with the guidelines and laws of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

Getting the professional VAT consultancy from Standard Auditing, the registered Tax Agents in the UAE will aid in getting rid of any VAT fines and penalties. Our experienced experts offer authentic and practicable advice on every issue regarding VAT in the UAE.

Standard Auditing VAT consultants are always there to help you with the following factors:

Understanding the client’s business objectives.

  • Impact of VAT on the business.
  • VAT refund issues.
  • Positive and negative analysis VAT impact on business.
  • Encompassing all the elements and aspects of VAT.
  • Providing updated information about VAT rules and regulations to make timely decisions helpful for business growth
  • Advice with a comprehensive action plan to take complete control of VAT.
  • Our well-versed VAT consultants answer queries for VAT in the UAE.
  • VAT health check matters
  • Support on VAT assurance.

Advantages of VAT Consultancy

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has released a complete list of VAT fines and penalties in the UAE for businesses. According to which, if businesses make a slight error while handling VAT, heavy fines might be imposed. Therefore, an expert opinion is the need of that time and VAT consultants help relieve your stress and your business can function smoothly without paying any penalties.

  •  Helps in the uninterrupted and flawless running of financial operations
  •  Business can increase their goodwill with an unblemished VAT compliance
  •  Aids in monitoring cash flow and thereby effective fund allocation
  •  VAT consultancy assists the business to have the finest supplier and customer relations


Having the best VAT consultants in Dubai, UAE, we never miss to fulfill our client requirements and provide accurate VAT advice then & there when required.

For specialist VAT Consultancy, contact Standard Auditing today!

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