Statutory Report

A statutory audit is a legal procedure of auditing process which verifies the accuracy of the businesses’ financial statements and other major organizational documents.

Statutory reporting is a chief regulatory requirement for any business. In other words, a statutory audit report makes the law decide whether the representation of your business’s financial position is legit or not. Having known for its reliable contributions to companies in UAE, Standard Auditing provides the best representation after proper examination.

The statutory report handles in and out of your business information including bank balances, records of bookkeeping, and all the financial transactions. So, keeping a clean record matters a lot. To turn your business into a spotlight, we understand your business and apply our committed approach. To make it happen without hassles, our expert auditors work in such a way that causes no harm in return.

Some of our major Statutory report services are Tax auditing, Compliance audit, stock audit, integrated auditing, Financial, and other value-added auditing.

Our process flow is as follows

  1. Understanding and preparation of audit documents like financial statements, ledgers, bank statements, receipts
  2. Auditing the documents in compliance with the organization, jurisdiction, and policies of the country including internal controls,
  3. Implementation and Reporting of audited financial documents.

Why choose us?

  • Years of experience and expertise
  • Flexible & competitively priced
  • Highly professional auditing, consulting, and financial accounting
  • Maintains high confidentiality


The key advantages of statutory auditing and reporting are:

  • Independent verification of financial statements allows giving the exact situation so as to earn credibility
  • Statutory reports ensure 100% compliance with all sorts of the existing statutory obligations.
  • Correct the faults if any and detect frauds well in advance to prevent any such activities in future
  • Excellent accuracy of a company’s financial statements is achieved which enables better planning for the company.
  • Statutory auditing helps in improving all the internal controls, business core and practices, accounting, governance and improves the culture extensively.


From start to finish, Standard Auditing never misses making our clients take pleasure in the process of auditing and feel reassured. If you are in need of a statutory report, get in touch with us!

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