Mainland Business Setup

Also known as an onshore company, a mainland company is licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED). The emirate allows setting up a business in the local market as well as in the parts of the UAE without any constraints. Considering as a whole, there are three major types of company formations in the UAE – Mainland Company Formation, Offshore Company Formation, and Free Zone Company Formation.

According to a survey, the most number of entrepreneurs have preferred LLC Company Formation in the UAE. LLC Company is nothing but a standard type of Mainland company which has potential benefits with unavoidable risks in it.

Why is Mainland Company set up beneficial?

Despite the place of Mainland company formation in the UAE, Standard Auditing is here to give you complete support upon consultation. Few of the many reasons why mainland company setup is recommended include

  • Branches formation is simple
  • 0% corporate taxes
  • No constraints in space
  • Options to work with government projects
  • High returns

Documents needed to set up a Mainland Company

  • Passport copies of emigrant directors, shareholders, and managers.
  • During Mainland Company set up, a copy of the national ID card of the local sponsor is required.
  • The employer needs to offer no objection certification if they are on an employment visa in the UAE.
  • A copy of MOA legalized by the UAE embassy.
  • Board resolution for setting up a company and a power of attorney, notarized and legalized by the UAE embassy.

For qualified firms owning business license, here are the documents additionally needed during the mainland company set up process:

  • Notarized CV and educational qualification details such as course completion certification
  • Every document has to be legalized by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


With experience and expertise, Standard Auditing stands second to none in providing Mainland Company set-up service. Want to know more? Get in touch with us!

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