Feasibility Study

To estimate the possibility of project completion, a thorough feasibility study is crucial for organizations. Companies make use of the feasibility studies to analyze both negative and positive outcomes of the implementation before investing time and money.

A feasibility study that’s properly researched and executed can give a clear identification of the results after a project is implemented including operational, financial, and potential impacts. Considering all the influencing factors, a feasibility study determines if the project will be productive or not.

An experienced organizational consultant can provide the best quality business feasibility study in the UAE. With intense experience, Standard Auditing’s consultants can execute the best business plans and conduct feasibility studies with ease.

Feasibility Study Elements

Under feasibility study services in the UAE, the following elements are included:

  • Organizational feasibility explains the corporate and legal framework of the firm including the founder, their professional history, and skill set that may help the company phenomenally in all the operations.
  • Market feasibility defines the industry, potential buyers, competitors, the current & future market predictions, and estimation of sales.
  • Project Overview includes the project outline, offered products/services, the business model, and delivery method.
  • Technical feasibility files all the product or service data including raw materials, labor, Transportation, business technology needed, and so on.
  • Financial feasibility interprets a forecast plan about the funding, the type of funds, and projected Balance Sheet, P&L, Cash Flows, and so on. In this financial feasibility study, assumptions on sensitivity analysis and key financial data graphical presentation are also included.

Feasibility Study in the UAE

To understand the legal, political, and economic environment of the UAE, the feasibility study provides a standardized analysis based on the facts and research. The major goal behind the feasibility study is to choose whether the company should or should not implement a particular decision.

Standard Auditing is a reliable feasibility study consultants in the UAE who can help you make a decision with their proper guidance. If you want to avail the best feasibility study services in the UAE, get in touch with us.

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