External Audit

An External Audit is a process of investigation where a business’s financial state is analyzed and a statement is prepared by an Audit Firm. The external audit starts with business analysis to determine the accuracy of calculations in accounting records.

Why an external audit?

One major purpose of external audit investigation is to decide if the practices of business accounting are valid and meet the top standards of accounting by International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS).

What do we offer?

At Standard Auditing, our external auditors offer various assurances and non-assurance services which comprise an audit of financial statements, review financial statements, IFRS reporting, internal audit service, compiling financial statements, advisory services, Risks assurance, along with corporate secretary.

Our external audit processes consist of acceptance, understanding, planning, execution, reporting, and Follow up. At every stage of our external audit process, we maintain transparency for we believe in customer trust.

Standard Auditing is a firm of experienced and professional auditors who makes external auditing meaningful for you as we

  • Provide the true view of the financial position makes a firm earn good credibility and maintain the reputation
  • Find the chances of fraud and the ways to effectively reduce them using external auditing checks on the employees’ records from top to bottom

By doing an external audit from time to time when needed, a firm can enjoy the following benefits:

  • External auditing can provide the best assurance to banks and other financial institutions
  • No more unbiased problems and therefore, the organization can improve appreciably in a number of areas, even the untouched ones.
  • External auditing assures rectification of human errors or any other record errors and so maintaining accuracy can become a piece of cake.
  • Auditing helps to enable sturdy support to form a robust system of security and put an end to any forthcoming risks.


Standard Auditing makes external auditing easy for you in UAE. Try us!

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