Excise Tax in UAE

The UAE government levies Excise Tax on goods that are hazardous to the health and environment. The United Arab Emirates implemented Excise Tax for two basic reasons

  • To decrease the consumption of harmful goods
  • Raising government revenue

Excise Tax was initially implemented in the UAE on goods with effect from October 2017. If you have to register Excise tax on all the Taxable entities in the UAE, it can be entitled through the Federal Tax Authority’s online portal.

The goods which are subject to Excise Tax in the UAE are:

  1. Energy Drink
  2. Carbonated Drinks
  3. Tobacco Products
  4. Smoking Devices and Tools
  5. Liquids used in Electronic tools and Smoking Devices
  6. Sweetened Drinks

Excise Tax Audit Performance

During the auditing of Excise Tax, the tax auditor cross verifies all the inventories, premises, personal records, and so on. This is done to assess the taxable object and make sure it complies with the Excise Tax laws in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Auditor is free to take samples of original documents or even the sample of the entity’s products for added review or as evidence. To understand businesses and confirm transactions, the auditor can also communicate with the members concerned to an entity like the ones in accounts, warehouse, logistics, and so on.

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Excise Tax Registration

An excise tax registration has to be executed according to the law of the government. Business trading is inevitable and is growing with the world growing in technology. One such type of tax involving the import and export of goods is the Excise Tax. …

Excise Tax Returns

An excise tax return is nothing but an official record of the excise paid during every tax period. Organizations have to file returns for excise tax using only the online FTA portal since the government won’t accept manual returns…

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