Excise Tax Registration

Business trading is inevitable and is growing with the world growing in technology. One such type of tax involving the import and export of goods is the Excise Tax. It is an indirect tax levied exclusively on the import of limited edition goods that are harmful to human health. An excise tax registration has to be executed according to the law of the government.

As different rates are applicable for different ranges of products, business activities should be conducted on a legal basis as per Excise tax. All special purpose goods including Tobacco products, carbonated soft drinks are subject to an Excise tax.

Excise Tax Exclusions in the UAE

  1. Unflavored Aerated water excluded from Carbonated Drinks Category
  2. Under the Sweetened Drink category, the following are excluded
    a. Baby food
    b. Drinks with 75% milk or substitutes of milk
    c. Special dietary or medical beverages
  3. Drinks with alcohol

Rates of Excise Tax in the UAE

  • 50 % on carbonated drinks
  • 50 % on any sweetening products
  • 100 % on electronic smoking devices
  • 100 % on tobacco products
  • 100 %on liquids used in such devices and tools
  • 100 % on energy drinks

Who can register for Excise Tax in the UAE?

The following groups are essential to do Excise Tax registration in the UAE

  • Importers of Excise goods
  • Producers of Excise goods
  • Stockpilers of Excise goods
  • Warehouse keepers of Excise goods

As there is no particular registration threshold for excise tax, any corporation concerned with the above-listed categories needs to register an account for excise tax

Important documents necessary for Excise Tax Registration in the UAE

The documents required for excise tax registration are:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Declaration
  • Trade license
  • Articles of Association
  • Bank account details
  • The custom number issued by the custom department
  • Emirates ID
  • Authorized signatory documents
  • Passport of manager, owner, and senior management
  • Partnership agreement
  • Business activity-related information


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