Dubai Mainland Company Formation

Mainland in Dubai is the best-chosen destination for starting up your own business. Both opportunities and facilities make the place an eye-grabbing one. Moreover, when you start up a business in the Mainland, it hits the success peak without a doubt.

Be it a small-sized company or a bigger organization, the business setting-up process is a tiresome job. To mention in particular, company formation requires in-depth knowledge and cautious thinking since it involves a marketplace

Standard Auditing, being a trustworthy companion for many companies, can turn your tedious work simple with our reliable team of professionals & connections.

Mainland Company formation in Dubai process flow is as follows

  • Get approval for name selection and trading
  • Availing a local partner
  • Application for initial approval
  • MOA and Court Notarization preparation
  • Get the tenancy contract for the office space
  • All required documents submission
  • Payment and receiving the license

From getting sponsors to getting approval from Dubai municipality, Standard Auditing can help with the entire process and ensure the documentation is valid & completed within time.

Benefits of Business Set up in Mainland

Dubai Mainland is always a wise choice whether it’s the branch company of your existing or a brand new one. There are numerous added advantages available and they are

  • Improves trust in your company
  • Gives freedom to enhance businesses from different parts of the UAE
  • Hassle-free registration and license procurement.
  • Huge marketplace to make more profit
  • No need to pay corporate and personal taxes
  • No limitation on employment visas


Standard Auditing is the most well-known firm in the UAE which makes company formation quite seamless for the business owners. With our experience, we provide professional advice to our beloved clients and help businesses accelerate in the best location without problems. To know more, contact us!

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