Company Liquidation

Company liquidation is a process of shutting down a firm when it is unable to pay back the debt. So eventually the organizational assets are segregated upon closing to the respective shareholders and creditors as per their claims. A liquidator takes a pivotal role in the decision-making of the liquidation process. And that’s where Standard Auditing in UAE comes into place.

From top to bottom, a liquidator has to handle the liquidation process without causing any loss. Taking that into consideration.

The company liquidation steps involve

  1. The organization must submit a notice to the DDA free zone authority with the reason for the entity closure one month priorly.
  2. Preparing and submitting the board resolution attested in front of the executives
  3. Publish the paper advertisement and submit the copy
  4. Clearance of Employee Payment, customs, finance, government services, and the IT department has to be completed
  5. Closure of bank accounts
  6. Obtain a NOC from the governmental authorities
  7. Issue liquidation reports
  8. License cancellation including Lease agreement, Company Original license, the Original Department of Economic Development License, and Certificate of formation & Share certificates


Standard Auditing never forgets the duties of a liquidator and hence assigns the perfect person to meet the guidelines. Our liquidators start their work as soon as the Board of Directors or Shareholders submit a resolution.

To support you with company liquidation services in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

We offer the following with diligence:

  • Overview of the collection & distribution of the firm Assets including the liabilities settlement
  • Complete assistance in the preparation of the Board of Directors resolution
  • Precise auditing of financial statements which is helpful in the liquidation process
  • Organizing the Statement of Affairs needed and the Liquidator’s Report
  • Correlate with the licensing authorities to submit the relevant documents of liquidation


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