Business setup In UAE

Choosing a Right Strategy to Setup a Business in UAE is critical for investors. Investors can choose from 3 different models in the UAE:

1. Free Zone Company Setup

Investors have the opportunity to setup their business in the numerous free zones across the UAE, some of which are dedicated to specific activities.


2. Offshore Company Setup

This approach to business setup in UAE is for investors who want to have a business presence in the UAE for international banking or other business purposes where they do not need to have a physical presence. 


3. Mainland Company Setup

Investors can tap business opportunities offered by a fast-growing age market by setting up a business in the UAE mainland. This approach requires engaging the services of a local sponsor.


OUR SERVICES for Setting up your Business in Dubai

  • Free Zone and Offshore Incorporations
  • Trade and Investor Agreements
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Professional Advice


Starting a business in a new land can be a challenge. That is why we provide a free consultation to help you in setting up your business in UAE. We will analyze your ambitions and advise you on a plan which can prove to be beneficial.



Identifying your Business Type

We seed successful businesses. The initial process plays an important role in your business success. With many types of jurisdictions, we choose the right form of business for you that will lead you to success. That can be an offshore company formation in Dubai or even a new business to start in Dubai.


Licenses and Documentation

With our dedicated business consultants, you do not have to worry about the requirements and the need to visit multiple government offices. We take care of the red tapes and make your business start smoothly.